‘A Strange Beauty’ at Denver Museum of Nature and Science

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Walk through the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and you’ll see thousands of things -- dusty fossils, big dinosaur skeletons, even a couple of mummies. But that’s just scratching the surface. The museum has 1.4 million items in its collection -- and no place to show them all. Recently, museum officials decided to give the public a glimpse of some of those objects. They invited local artist John Bonath to poke through the building’s nooks and crannies. Bonath found some unusual -- very unusual -- things. You can see what he did with them in an exhibit called “A Strange Beauty: Photographic Studies of the Museum’s Collections.” Pat Mack speaks with Bonath and with the museum’s chief curator, Kirk Johnson.

Images: "The Egg Keeper," "Prayer" and "Medusa's Crown" by John Bonath