Amid Life-Saving Efforts After Hurricane Harvey, Pet Rescuers Are Hard At Work

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Photo: Hurricane Harvey Pets (AP Photo)
Pets, too, need assistance in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Here, Sam Speights tries to hold back tears while holding his dogs and surveying the damage to his home in Rockport, Texas.

From firefighters performing water rescues to volunteers serving meals, dozens of Coloradans are now in Texas helping the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. Another way some Coloradans are helping out: pet rescues.

For people who've lost everything in a flood, escaping with their pets is a big deal, says Jim Boller with the animal rescue organization Code 3 Associates in Longmont.

"Their house has been demolished. All their family heirlooms have been lost in the disaster. But you're able to reunite them with their pet," he tells Colorado Matters. "It gives them a sense of normalcy."

Boller's team of about 30 will be at work in Houston by Wednesday morning.

“Every situation is different, but for us, it was not an option to leave our pets behind. They are my best friends.”

Saving our four-legged friends. All will be rescued and taken to a safe place. Hang tight. Be back for more. #harvey #houwx @HoustonSPCA

Another exhausting and fulfilling day. Animals are cared for and safe, and staff are resting up for another day of hard work!

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