Archaeologists Are Studying Colorado Springs’ Founding Father By Digging Through His Trash

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Photo: Colorado Springs General William Jackson Palmer Dig
Archeologists work in the Garden of the Gods to dig out artifacts related to General William Jackson Palmer.

Archeologists are learning all sort about Colorado Springs' founder, General William Jackson Palmer. What he ate, what he drank, the contents of his greenhouse.

And all from relics of his trash that researchers all but stumbled upon on what is now Garden of the Gods.

Matt Mayberry, the cultural services manager for Colorado Springs, talked to Colorado Matters about the Garden of the Gods dig site.

After a big wildfire, the city was doing flood mitigation work when they struck the trove of Palmer's artifacts. Archeologists have since found greeting cards, animal skeletons and photos. The discovery of alcohol bottles isn't surprising to some, but is still considered interesting, considering Palmer founded Colorado Springs as a dry community.