Banjo Extraordinaire Béla Fleck Releases Concerto With Colorado Symphony

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Image: Bela Fleck Juno Concerto Cover
The album cover of Bela Fleck's new album "Juno Concerto," recorded with the Colorado Symphony. The child in sunglasses is Fleck's son, Juno.

Béla Fleck is known for his brilliant banjo skills in a range of genres, but classical might be the most unique. The 15-time Grammy winner has just released his second classical album "Juno Concerto," recorded with the Colorado Symphony.

The piece was written for Fleck's son, Juno. Fleck says his life has changed a lot since having a child, and his focus on classical composing reflects that. There's no need for bandmates -- Fleck can write on his own as his son sleeps, even if it's just an hour nap.

Fleck says his relationship with the Colorado Symphony goes back to his first concerto, "The Imposter." He made a "crazy" request: Would the Colorado Symphony play the Telluride Bluegrass Festival with him? They agreed, and Fleck says it was the most amazing experience he's ever had at the festival. "It was just a trip," he said.

Béla Fleck spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.