Beta Test: Countering terrorism with antibiotics

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(Photo: Courtesy of Malevda)
<p>Scientists working in a lab at Colorado State University are hoping to find an antibioltic that combats bacteria that could be used in a bioterrorist attack. </p>

Photo: Scientists in a labIf you're not familiar with Burkholderia pseudomallei, it's a pretty nasty kind of bacteria that’s hard to treat. And the U.S. military fears it could be used in biological warfare.

So, the military is turning to researchers at Colorado State University to develop an effective drug to fight the bacteria.

Scientists hope this research can also lead to a drug with much wider applications, at a time when they're seeing more and more drug-resistant superbugs.

Ryan Warner speaks with Richard Slayden, one of the chief researchers on project and part of CSU's immunology department.

The story is part of Colorado Matters' series "Beta Test," where we feature cutting-edge scientitic and medical research happening in Colorado's universities, government labs and private enterprises.