‘Dust’ Asks Whether The Dust Bowl Is Still Relevant In Song, Theater And Dance

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<p>(Amanda Tipton)</p>
<p>Dancer Sarah Tallman of the Wonderbound dance company.</p>
Photo: Dust Wonderbound dancer cropped
Sarah Tallman of Wonderbound dance company.

The challenges that faced Coloradans on the Eastern Plains 80 years ago during the Dust Bowl are still relevant today, according to a new theater production of song and dance opening in Denver. Job loss, environmental problems partly caused by humans and distrust in the government are all themes in "Dust," from Wonderbound ballet, Curious Theatre Company and folk musician Jesse Manley. The production is set in a fictional Eastern Plains town in the 1930s. It runs through April 30.

Garrett Ammon, Wonderbound's artistic director and president, spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.