First Listen: ‘Perfect Gown’ From Lumineer Neyla Pekarek’s New Solo Outing

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Photo: Neyla Pekarek
Neyla Pekarek.

When the Lumineers' Neyla Pekarek was still in college, and heard the story of "Rattlesnake" Kate McHale, it stuck with her. Now it's the name of Pekarek's new solo album.

Here's an exclusive first listen to one of the tracks on "Rattlesnake" called "Perfect Gown." The title is a reference to a signature flapper dress that Kate made from snake skins. She became known for wearing this dress after the attack, and it's the only relic left behind from her life. McHale gave it to the Greeley Museum before she died, where it’s still on display.

The story goes this way: McHale was riding on horseback in 1925 near Greeley with her adopted toddler, Ernie, in search of wounded ducks left behind by hunters. Instead she found a few rattlesnakes. She shot the snakes. More appeared. And for hours she shot and clubbed her way to safety. Word spread. A legend was born.


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