Hemp symposium helps farmers navigate new industry

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Photo: Hemp field from iStock
A hemp crop

When Coloradans legalized marijuana, they also gave their blessing to hemp, which can be used in all kinds of products, from soap to clothing.

But farmers who want to grow the crop have a lot of questions to answer first, such as where to buy seeds, how to avoid a federal crackdown and where to sell their product.

That's because growing hemp is still largely illegal federally. Congress passed a small exception in the farm bill this year, allowing state agriculture departments, colleges and universities to grow hemp, defined as the non-drug oilseed and fiber varieties of Cannabis, for research purposes. But that exception only applies to the nine states where industrial hemp farming is already legal under state law.

To provide some answers, tonight the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, Adams County and Vote Hemp are hosting the Colorado Industrial Hemp Farming Symposium. Speakers include politicians and hemp industry leaders. The symposium runs from 6-9:30 p.m. at the Adams County Government Center in Brighton, Colorado. Tickets are $15 at the door only.