How to prepare your garden for a bountiful harvest in 2015

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(Photo: Courtesy of Larry Stebbins)
<p>Larry Stebbins&#039; backyard garden.</p>

It was a warm winter in the West, and now that it's spring, many Coloradans are thinking to their gardens.

Larry Stebbins joins Colorado Matters to help get you ready. His book, "Backyard Vegetable Gardening Guide," steers Front Range and high altitude gardeners through the year-round planting cycle.

While the weather is warm, Stebbins says it's still to early to put crops in the ground outside. He recommends starting them indoors, and if you didn't get a head start last fall, use March to get your soil ready. Once the threat of late-season frosts is gone, Stebbins looks forward to planting a new vegetable called kalettes, a hybrid of kale and Brussels sprouts. He also recommends a variety of tomato, called Sasha's Altai, that grows well in Colorado's climate, even given the state's cool nights.

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