If A Gun Restraining Order Worked, When Could You Get Your Gun Back?

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Photo: Guns for sale in Aurora (AP Photo)
In this June 2013 file photo, Richard Taylor, manager of Firing-Line gun store in Aurora, Colo., shows pistols for sale.

After the mass shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, gun issues — access to guns, restrictions on guns, confiscation of guns — have been the source of a lot of heated political conversation.

One of the ideas is to let judges temporarily take guns away from people who appear to be a threat. And we got a question afterward: How do those gun owners get their firearms back?

Tom Parsons wrote in to say he owns guns and might support this idea. But asks, where does it end? So we called back our guest Mary Blegen from Colorado Ceasefire, which is pushing for gun restraining orders. She says she's not sure exactly what the process would be to return a gun to its owner after the order expires. She understands people are worried, but she has investigated models from other states and believes there are workable solutions.