It’s The Most Controversial Time Of The Year…For ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside,’ At Least

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Photo: 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Composers
Broadway composer Frank Loesser and his wife and musical partner Lynn are shown, April 26, 1956 in New York. Their song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" was originally a song they performed for friends at their housewarming party.

A flirty and seasonal classic, or an out-dated song that's problematic?

It's a debate that's reignited every year as the calendars flip to November and the temperatures grow frostier: Is "Baby, It's Cold Outside" good, or bad?

The fight over the song heated up in Denver when KOSI, a radio station that plays exclusively holiday tunes this time of year, banned the song, only to quickly bring it back. Interestingly enough, the song itself may now be a holiday classic, but it's not actually a holiday song.

Bret Saunders, a longtime KBCO radio host and jazz columnist for The Denver Post, talked to Colorado Matters about the debate over "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and other songs that have aged poorly.