It’s Valentine’s Day. Naturally We’re Talking About … Dinosaur Sex?

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Photo: Dinosaur Sex
A display at the Jurassic Museum of Asturias.

Today we’re going to take a different approach to Valentine’s Day. Instead of hearts and flowers we're going to talk about hearts and fossils -- dinosaur fossils. And we’ll ask a very direct question: How did dinosaurs have sex? Think, for instance, about Colorado's own state fossil, the stegosaurus, with its plates of armor and spiked tail.

The answer? Even scientists don't know. But our guest, Erin LaCount, puts some pieces of the puzzle together. LaCount calls herself the "Dr. Ruth of Dinosaurs." She's manager of education programs for Dinosaur Ridge. It's a site west of Denver where you can see more than 300 dinosaur tracks and bones.