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‘JustUs’ Seeks Criminal Justice Reform Through Shared Stories And Listening

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Juaquin Mobley and Brian Mason JustUs Monologues Project Motus Theater
Photos Courtesy of Michael Ensminger and Adams County
The monologue written by Juaquin Mobley, left, for the “JustUs Project” was read by Brian Mason, right, the district attorney for Colorado’s 17th judicial district, serving Adams and Broomfield counties.

Reforming the criminal justice system requires listening to many perspectives. That's a goal of the "JustUs Project" at Boulder's Motus Theater. The production elevates the stories of people who've been incarcerated and the impact on their lives. In excerpts from a performance, Brian Mason, district attorney in Colorado’s 17th Judicial District, reads the story of Juaquin Mobley. You can hear the entire JustUs Monologue here.