Notes from a Quiet Life

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Interview reported and produced by David Hill

Fort Collins photographer Robert Benjamin calls himself “just another dad with a camera.” But his photos aren’t your typical snapshots. They’re carefully composed and meticulously printed. In one, a young boy—Benjamin’s son—lies sleeping on a couch. In another, a woman—Benjamin’s wife—stands in a wooded park, nearly consumed by golden leaves. These photographs are part of an exhibition of Benjamin’s work now at the Denver Art Museum. Curator Eric Paddock spent years trying to convince Benjamin to show his work at the museum. He said there are several things that really strike him about Benjamin's work.

Eric Paddock: "He’s working in a very traditional way where he is approaching the subject matter very straightforwardly and he’s not making photographs that are studied or self-consciously arty. The color in his photographs is remarkable. He has a very sophisticated pallet and a really interesting sense of how colors work together and kind of augment or harmonize with one another.”

The show is called, "Notes from a Quiet Life". Robert Benjamin talks with Ryan Warner about his first exhibition on Colorado Matters.

Photo courtesy of Robert Benjamin.