Researchers Find Evidence that Glaciers are Melting Faster

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Scientists who study ice thought they had more time. They figured it would take centuries-- even millennia-- for global warming to affect temperatures deep within ice sheets. But, new research shows that in Greenland, things are changing much faster than that. To explain why, host Elaine Grant is joined by ice expert Waleed Abdalati. He’s a professor of geography at CU Boulder and director of CIRES, the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, a joint institute of the University of Colorado Boulder and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


1. Meltwater streams snake across the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet, which has been darkened by soot and wind-blown sediment, about 6 kilometers from the ice sheet margin, near Ilulissat, Greenland.

2. Meltwater drains into the Greenland Ice Sheet, about 6 km from the ice sheet margin, near Ilulissat, Greeland.