Ride-share services likely to expand in Colorado with new regulations

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Photo: Lyft carThe Colorado legislature has sent a bill to the governor's desk that regulates Lyft, UberX and other ride-sharing services for the first time.

The legislation followed a year of intense disagreement, during which Colorado's Public Utilities Commission (PUC) threatened to make it illegal for the services to operate in Colorado unless they were regulated.

Senate Bill 125 gives the PUC authority to regulate these services, called transportation network companies. But it also draws a distinction between the companies and taxi cabs, leaving cab companies unhappy with what they see as an unfair rule.

UberX and Lyft operate in Denver and surrounding areas, including service to Boulder. Since the legislation passed, UberX announced that it's expanding service to Colorado Springs, where competitor Lyft already operates.

Also today, Lyft announced it's working with MetLife to come up with new insurance solutions for drivers participating in Lyft.