The anatomy of a failing school system in Colorado, told in a special series of reports

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Photo: Colorado classroomOnce boasting a nationally-renowned education reform miracle, Pueblo is now home to the state’s lowest-performing middle school, according to a series of reports by Nic Garcia of the online news site Chalkbeat.

Garcia found that 30 percent of Pueblo's schools are failing, based on the state's evaluations, compared with about nine percent of all of Colorado's schools.

If the district doesn't get its schools turned around soon, Garcia writes, it could be the first major test of the state’s school accountability system, which gives struggling schools and districts five years to improve or face sanctions.

Garcia's reporting digs into the reasons behind Pueblo's troubles, and examines what form the sanctions would take. Read his Chalkbeat series at the links below:

Part 1: As the state's accountability clock ticks down, a district struggles to move forward

Part 2: Cascading middle school crises at center of Pueblo's challenges

Part 3: Facing a leadership transition and a looming deadline, an uncertain future for Pueblo