The Legal Road Ahead

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Later this morning, a new chapter will open in the story of the Aurora theater shooting. Alleged killer James Holmes is expected to make his first court appearance in Arapahoe County. The legal side of this crime has been on the mind of Aurora’s police chief, Dan Oates, who’s remained tight-lipped when asked for details of the case:

"The most important thing is that there is justice for these victims, and that justice will occur in a courtroom. So whenever I say 'no' here, it’s because there’s a higher reason and that is to make sure he’s prosecuted correctly."

This morning’s court appearance, scheduled for 9:30, is called an initial advisement. During this apperance, the defendant will be advised of his rights. The filing of charges, an arraignment, and plea, will happen down the road. We talk about that road, for James Holmes, with associate professor of law at the University of Denver Sam Kamin.