Watch: Carrie Baird Of Top Chef And Bar Dough Answers Your Thanksgiving Questions

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Photo: Carrie Baird
Carrie Baird works in the kitchen of Bar Dough, the restaurant she co-owns and is the executive chef for.

Thanksgiving is nigh and nerves are starting to set in for home chefs.

Denver chef Carrie Baird knows something about successful cooking when the stakes are high. The co-owner and executive chef of Bar Dough finished in the top four on last season's Top Chef. For one challenge, she even baked upside-down cakes in a hole in the ground in the mountains.

Baird talked to Colorado Matters about her Thanksgiving traditions and how her restaurant's staff host an "orphan's Thanksgiving." She also answered questions from listeners—from the best way to cook cranberries to her favorite leftovers recipe—and will respond to more questions on Facebook and Instagram.

Need last minute Thanksgiving cooking advice? Take it from Bar Dough Executive Chef and co-owner Carrie Baird -- who last season won a challenge on Top Chef by digging a hole in the ground in the Rocky mountains and baking a cake in it.