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What Does The Law Allow When It Comes To Officer-Involved Shootings In Colorado?

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De'von Bailey Police Shooting Memorial Mourners Colorado Springs
Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Nicole Lempereur, in black, and Michele Sidie, both of Colorado Springs, visit the street memorial to De’von Bailey on Aug. 15 on Preuss Road where city police shot Bailey Aug. 3. Bailey later died. Both women were close friends of Bailey.

The investigation into the fatal police shooting of an African-American teen in Colorado Springs continues to raise questions about what happened. The autopsy report shows 19-year-old De'Von Baily was shot three times in the back as he ran from officers, and once in the back of the arm. On Thursday, the police department released body camera footage of that foot chase and shooting.  CPR's Southern Colorado reporter Dan Boyce updates the case. Then, it's up to the District Attorney to decide whether any officers should be charged. For perspective on what goes into that kind of decision, Mitch Morrissey is here with us. He was Denver's elected District Attorney for 12 years, and spent a total of 34 years in the DA's office.