‘Where Heroes Rest’: Colorado War Dead Buried In American Cemeteries Abroad

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<p>(Courtesy of Jeremy Hubbard)</p>
<p>Maurice Rose of Denver was the highest-ranking Jewish officer in World War II. He&#039;s buried in Europe.</p>
Photo: Where Heroes Rest Florence American Cemetery
More than 4,000 U.S. service members are buried at Florence American Cemetery in Italy.

More than 200,000 American service members, including many Coloradans, never made it home from war. They're buried in cemeteries across the globe and some of their stories are told in a new documentary, Where Heroes Rest, by Jeremy Hubbard.

The Denver-based KDVR-TV anchor traveled to several of the burial grounds, including the Florence American Cemetery in Italy. This is the final resting place for about 300 soldiers from the famed 10th Mountain Division, which trained outside of Vail, Colorado for high-altitude warfare.

Photo: Maurice Rose Resized
Major Gen. Maurice Rose grew up in Denver and became the highest-ranking Jewish officer in the U.S. Army during World War II.

Among the Coloradans buried in Europe is Maurice Rose, a graduate of Denver's East High School. He served in World War I and later reached the rank of major general in World War II, making him the highest-ranking Jewish officer to serve in that war.

The film also features interviews with Coloradans whose family members rest overseas, including Melanie Loveland of Wheat Ridge. She never met her grandfather, who died when Loveland's mother was two months old.

"I think about my grandmother, who was married, had two children and was a widow at 19," Loveland says. "They were tough. It was a tougher generation than we have ever been."