Working to return art and artifacts to their rightful owners

August 11, 2022
A museum worker carries a 19th century painting by Polish artist Robert Sliwinski during a ceremony in Warsaw, Poland in 2019. The work was looted by the Nazis during World War II and recovered in the U.S. by the FBI.

Ancient Cambodian artifacts that were sold to the Denver Art Museum using false documents were returned this week. U.S. officials handed the four antiquities over to Cambodia at a ceremony on Aug. 8 in New York City. Authorities say the items were sold to the art museum by Douglas Latchford after they were stolen. Latchford died before he could stand trial for his connection to the theft of more than 30 such artifacts.

Returning art to its original and rightful owners is a big topic these days. It's something University of Denver associate history professor Elizabeth Campbell, has dedicated a career to. She directs DU's Center for Art Collection Ethics. She spoke with Ryan Warner in October.