You Offered Your Favorite Red Rocks Shows. We’ve Got Clips

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Photo: Red Rocks 8
Red Rocks, 2014.

We knew we were going to be speaking with journalist Steve Knopper about why it's so hard for some bands to get booked into Red Rocks, the iconic amphitheater carved out of the crags near Morrison. While we were lining things up, we thought it would be a good excuse to ask you what your favorite shows were over the years. So we asked.

The suggestions came via our Facebook page and Twitter. We found a few clips that match -- and many that didn't because, hard as it is to believe, smartphone video and YouTube haven't been around that long. And some folks didn’t mention dates, and it was hard to tell if others actually the dates correct, so we took a little artistic license and picked some moments we hope you'll appreciate.

First off, The Eagles, 1976. We've been hearing about the "full moon rising as they​ played ‘Witchy Woman.’” That must have been an awesome moment, and we looked hard for clips but came up empty. (If you have the secret sauce, let us know.) We did find this clip of “Witchy Woman” from the same era, but you have to follow the link to watch.

Elton John and Heart 1982: Another pre-YouTube-era show leaves us empty pocketed, but here’s Elton John’s “Rocket Man” by My Morning Jacket at Red Rocks from 2012. And we have a clip of Heart doing “Barracuda,” although we’re not sure of the year.

R.E.M. 2003: Would you settle for 2008? Here’s “Losing My Religion”

LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire 2007: We found this view of LCD Soundsystem doing “All My Friends.” And here’s Arcade Fire doing “Rebellion”

String Cheese Incident 2009: Couldn't find a 2009 clip, but how’s this version of “Close Your Eyes” from 2010?

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats and Preservation Hall All Stars 2016: Here’s Denver’s very own Rateliff and the band doing S.O.B.

Stevie Nicks, “hands down.” Since this request had no specific year we picked classic Stevie from 1987 doing “Talk To Me.”

Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra: This is “Rhythm of the Heat” from 2011.

U2, 1980: You knew this would be on the list. Here's “I Will Follow”