Member Challenges

Member challenge funds are gifts that are allocated to an escrow account and offered as an on-air challenge to inspire members to join Colorado Public Radio.

Challenges include the Warp Drive and other special member incentives during an on-air drive. When the amount of the challenge is reached funds are transferred from the escrow account and put to use making CPR programming possible.

Click below to view answers to the most frequently asked member challenge questions:

How does CPR account for challenge funds and incoming matching gifts?

When letters are mailed with an appeal for the Member Challenge Fund, the response device has a “source code” that alerts us to put those funds in the Member Challenge Fund escrow account.  

During a pledge drive, when a particular challenge is issued, any funds that are raised during that time-period are designated as such.  If the terms of the challenge are met, Member Challenge Funds are moved from escrow into operations.

How much money is generated for the member challenge fund?

During the 2015 fiscal year, $233,962 was generated for the Member Challenge Fund.