A Conversation with George McGovern

· Sep. 16, 2009, 8:51 am

In his 87 years, George McGovern has served as a World War II pilot, history professor, Senator from South Dakota, and as the 1972 Democratic Presidential nominee. He's also an author, taking part in the American Presidents Series with his book on Abraham Lincoln. McGovern spoke at Colorado College last night. KRCC's Andrea Chalfin had the chance to speak with him before his presentation, about his book, and about current topics in politics.

Here's the full interview with George McGovern, which you can listen to here, or download by right-clicking this link (about 27 minutes):

Click here for George McGovern's recent Washington Post Article.

Here's the audio from last night's presentation, beginning with introductions from Colorado College President Dick Celeste and graduate Patricia Kelly (52 minutes):

Disclaimer: Colorado College is KRCC's licensee.

This post was edited on 10/21/12 to remove a broken link to the edited version of the audio.

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