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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

News Feature: Organic Livestock Rule Change Worries Colorado Producers

For several years now, controversy hasdogged the organic dairy industry over how some large producers basedin Colorado treat their animals. Now the USDA is revising the rules fororganic livestock. But changes meant to ensure happy cows have organicproducers very unhappy. KCFR's Megan Verlee reports.

Read the draft rule.

Cows dig into piles of feed at Aurora Organic Dairy. The draft rule would outlaw
such so-called dry lots.

The draft rule would require cattle be kept year-round on pastures like this one
at Aurora Organic Dairy.

The milking parlor at Aurora Organic Dairy. Critics say large operations can't milk
a large volume of cows three times a day while keeping them on pasture.