Budget Breakdown

Following the money - Colorado Public Radio’s Megan Verlee takes us on a little budget road trip to show where state money goes.

Balancing the Budget - You Decide - Colorado Public Radio's Zachary Barr shows us how to play the Backseat Budgeter.

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Teachers Tell Their Stories - Pat Mack talks the Colorado Education Association's PR director about what he's hearing from teachers trying to cope with shrinking budgets.

Budget Cuts Mean Bigger Classes at One High School - Pat Mat takes alook at how teachers at Ponderosa High School in Parker are coping withgrowing class sizes.

Rural Schools Fear Consolidation - Megan Verlee reports that a suggestionfrom the governor that 2/3s of Colorado's school districts couldconsolidate to save money is striking fear into educators in small ruraltowns.

A Small Town Loses Its Prison - Andrea Dukakis visits the tiny southeastern Colorado town of LasAnimas, where residents are wondering how the community will survive ifthe state closes one of its largest employers.

Coming Together on Cuts: Every Denver school has a committee of parents,teachers, and staff who help decide how to make budget cuts. RyanWarner talks with one parent about how he made the hard choices

Local Impact Grants - Megan Verlee reports from the Western Slope wherecommunities are watching money that usually funds their infrastructurediverted to help balance the budget.

Yo JBC Raps Zac Barr explores rhyming twitter feed that's taking the Capitol by storm.

The Public Conversations - Megan Verlee visits a budget forum wheremembers of the public are trying to get their heads around what's atstake.

Are new taxes the answer? Megan Verlee reports on groups who think the state must collect more money to pay for it's highest priorities.

Or are there better ways to spend what we have? - Ryan Warnertalks with a former state lawmaker about the Citizens Budget, a planthat would make big changes in state spending, with no new taxes.

How does Colorado compare to other states? Ryan Warner talks with an expert on state budgets.

How much do we lose to waste, fraud and abuse? - Megan Verlee looks at the people who audit the state budget.