Western Skies: September 4, 2011, “Pueblo”

· Sep. 4, 2011, 11:00 am

Known as Colorado's own Steel City, Pueblo has an industrial base that continues to evolve today. The city has a rich cultural history and strong community ties. For this edition of Western Skies, we’re going to be exploring the history, industry, and culture of Pueblo.

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Roundtable: Pueblo's History and Culture
Welcome Back to Bessemer
An Artist in Obscurity: John Suhay
Profile: Action 22
A Night on the Town with the Haunted Windchimes

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Roundtable: Pueblo's History and Culture

For our roundtable discussion, we hit the studios of Rocky Mountain PBS at Colorado State University-Pueblo. Joining us are Rod Slyhoff, President and CEO of the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, Sandy Stein, Pueblo Chieftain social columnist and community volunteer, and Wade Broadhead, city planner, and P.U.L.P. columnist. We begin with Rod talking about Pueblo’s role in Colorado and characteristics as a town.

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Special thanks to CSU-Pueblo, Rocky Mountain PBS, and Craig Richardson for coordinating efforts.

Welcome Back to Bessemer

Today's Pueblo was originally four separate cities, including the city of Bessemer. KRCC's Kate Jonuska recently attended "Welcome Back to Bessemer," an event marking the 125th anniversary of its incorporation, to learn more about the rise, fall and hopeful rebirth of the historic neighborhood. She has this report.


Please note: Photographs of the bus tour and inside the mill were prohibited. If you have some historical photos of the mill you'd like to share, please feel free to drop us a line at westernskiesATkrcc.org, and we'll instruct you on how best to share those with us. Thanks!

America's Greatest Undiscovered Photographer?: John Suhay

(All images in this slide show by John Suhay and courtesy of Jina Brenneman. Please keep in mind these are scans of photographs, and thus not exact reproductions.)

If you've never heard of John Suhay, you're not alone. But his photography has captured the hearts of those who know him well, and some say he may one day be recognized as one of the great American photographers. Noel Black has more.


Profile: Action 22

While Pueblo is the industrial hub of Southern Colorado, it's no secret that the majority of the region is quite rural. One organization based in Pueblo is attempting to bring together these communities to work toward common interests. KRCC's Andrea Chalfin has this profile.

Action 22: Tying together Southern Colorado


Action 22
Colorado's Frontier

A Night on the Town with the Haunted Windchimes

We here at Western Skies give a lot of thanks to the Pueblo-based band the Haunted Windchimes. They did, afterall, create our theme music. So this month, Noel Black and Craig Richardson asked the band to take them on a tour of some of their favorite places in Pueblo.

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