In Tight Race, Obama Courts Female Vote

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President Barack Obama was in Denver yesterday to kick off a two-day campaign swing through the state. Colorado Public Radio’s Ben Markus reports the president spoke to a crowd, filled mostly with women, about healthcare.

Reporter Ben Markus: Mr Obama was back in Colorado for his fourth trip to the swing state since the start of the year.

Barack Obama: Hello Denver!

Reporter: Recently both candidates have increased their focus on a key constituency: women.

Obama: The decisions that affect a women’s health, they’re not up to politicians, they’re not up to insurance companies, they’re up to you. [crowd cheering]

Reporter: Flanked by bleachers full of boisterous female supporters, he asked how many times they’ve put off preventive healthcare because of expensive co-pays.

Obama: And you had to choose, between gas or groceries or your kids new soccer uniform. I don’t think a working mom in Denver should have to wait to get a mammogram just because money is tight.

Reporter: Healthcare reform eliminates co-pays for that kind of preventative care. It bars co-pays for contraceptives too. Mr Obama attacked his challenger for wanting to roll back those policies. That message resonated with Denver mom Maureen Farkash, one of about 4-thousand people on hand at the Auraria campus Events Center.

Farkash: Very scared that if Romney becomes elected that we’re going to go backwards, instead of going forwards.

Obama: Mr Obama’s two day campaign trip through Colorado will take him to Grand Junction, Pueblo and Colorado Springs.

President Obama was also in Grand Junction Wednesday. Click here.

[Photo: Ben Markus]