Western Skies: October 2012, “Politics & Elections”

This month we’re talking about politics and elections. The El Paso County ballot this year is quite large, with national, state, and county races and issues to consider, and even some special district measures (sample ballot). By comparison, the Pueblo County ballot is smaller, but still with national, state and local measures to consider (sample ballot).

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Roundtable: The State of Politics and Elections
President Eisenhower Talks Science in Boulder
A Political Train Wreck
Two-Way: Bente Birkeland at the Statehouse

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Roundtable: The State of Politics and Elections

Right to Left: Kristy Milligan, Josh Dunn, Andrea Chalfin, Bob Loevy

KRCC's Andrea Chalfin sat down with Colorado College Political Science Professor Emeritus Bob Loevy, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Political Science Professor Josh Dunn, and Executive Director of the Citizens Project, Kristi Milligan. We begin by talking about just how large the ballot is, and how that effects elections.

Listen to the edited version here (about 31 minutes):

Listen to the full conversation here (about an hour):

President Eisenhower Talks Science in Boulder

Fifty-eight years ago, President Dwight D. Eisenhower became the first US President to visit Boulder. He was there to dedicate a new federal laboratory, the Central Radio Propagation Lab. That day, Boulder's schools were closed and a crowd half the size of Boulder's population came to hear the president speak. Audio recordings from the ceremony were recently discovered, and Boulder’s Carnegie Branch Library made them publicly available. From KGNU, Jim Pullen brings us this glimpse at Ike’s 1954 speech.


A Political Train Wreck

Richard Marold is a local historian who works as a Chautauquan and portrays Winfield Scott Stratton, Franklin Roosevelt and Nikola Tesla. He is also editor of Cheyenne Mountain Kiva, a journal of the history of central Colorado. His website is fdrtoday.org.

This piece first appeared in The Big Something.

Two-Way: Bente Birkeland at the Statehouse

There are three statewide ballot initiatives this year. For brief summaries and a closer look at what’s going on in the capitol, KRCC's Andrea Chalfin is joined by statehouse reporter Bente Birkeland.

Listen to the edited version here:

Listen to the full version here (about 12 minutes):

For more on the statewide initiatives, visit Bente's original reports:

Amendment 64: Marijuana Legalization
Amendment 65 and Amendment S: State Personnel Reform and Campaign Finance Laws