Indy on Upcoming Roy Linton Show at ModBo

We're thrilled that the Modbo will present the graphic work of long-lost native Colorado Springs artists Roy Linton Jr. and Sr., and Roy Funnell ("The Three Roys") who formed Hobbit Hole posters in 1969. The show, which opens next Friday (complete details along with info about Holly Dearborn Parker's exhibition next door can be found HERE) will also debut Linton's later collage work along with a number of the posters that we originally featured in a Big Something piece about the posters and Linton, both of which you can watch below.

The Colorado Springs Independent ran a feature about the show this week that you can read HERE.

Here are our original features with Roy Linton Jr.:

Way back in July of 2009 we first brought you these posters by Roy Linton . After some effort, and then some more effort, we were able to locate Roy and record his memories of "Hobbit Hole Posters," a collaboration, it turns out, between three Roys: Roy Linton Sr., his son Roy Linton (the voice in this narration) and Roy Funnell, his high school buddy. It's all in the slide show.

DISCLAIMER: The artwork featured in the following slide show contains some nudity and may be considered offensive to some people.

In the years since Roy Linton, his father and his friend Roy Funnell created the posters featured in yesterday's Big Something, Roy Linton became a world-class auto body painter and turned his personal creative impulses toward cat photography and collage (though he still designs a few posters). In this brief portrait of the artist as a middle-aged man we visit Linton at his home in Denver and look at some of his work.