Recall Elections Bring National Attention

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Both sides of the gun debate in Colorado are pouring a lot of resources into the historic recall elections of two Democratic lawmakers. And as Bente Birkeland reports, next week’s September 10th elections in Pueblo and Colorado Springs are drawing national attention to the fight over gun control. 

In El Paso County, voters who don’t want to head to polling centers next Tuesday have until noon today to request a mail-in ballot, and until Friday afternoon to pick up a ballot in person at the county’s Citizen Service Center.  Ballots must be returned by 7 PM on Tuesday the 10th.  The successor candidate listed on the ballot is Republican Bernie Herpin.  More information is available here.  You can find a sample ballot here.

In Pueblo County, voters seeking mail-in ballots must fill out an absentee ballot application by 5 today.  Early in-person applications need to be received by 5 PM Friday. The successor candidate listed on the Pueblo ballot is Republican George Rivera.  More information is available here.  There's also a sample ballot located there.