Flood Damages in Colorado Springs Likely to Exceed $10 Million

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Days of rain have left Colorado Springs with infrastructure damages that could cost over $10 million.  KRCC’s Martha Perez-Sanz reports that number will likely rise as officials continue to assess the situation.

Gold Camp Road, Cheyenne Mountain Road, and the Stratton Bridge are extensively damaged, and various city parks, trails, and greenways have been flooded.Emergency Management Director Bret Waters says most of the home damages occurred along Cheyenne Creek, while infrastructure issues are all over the city. Waters says the region didn’t see anywhere near the damages north of here, but the area will still be dealing with the effects for some time.

Really we don’t know how long it’s going to take until we can get our arms around the initial assessment. But there has been some significant damage, but luckily our thoroughfares are still going, we still have most o our infrastructure in place, but we’re continuing to assess what occurred.

Later this week the city will be working with FEMA to assess home damages. Next week, the city is expected to focus on infrastructure issues. The city says the preliminary $10 million does not include emergency response costs or damage to private property.  Colorado Springs officials have requested inclusion in the Federal Disaster Declaration for the state.

Current Road Closures:

·         Cheyenne Road between Mayhurst Ave. and Hulda Lane·         Camp Creek Road between the tunnels·         South Cheyenne Canyon Rd-Closed (significant debris and sediment on the road OUTSIDE of Seven Falls entrance). City Streets will continue to work in the area Wednesday.

City Parks Update:

·         Greenway Trail (South of Nevada Ave and Treemont St to Polk St are closed)·         Sinton Trail- closed·         North Cheyenne Canyon-closed (including Lower Gold Camp Rd)·         Palmer Park -closed·         Harlan Wolfe Park- closed.·         Ute Valley Park- open·         Starsmore Discovery Center- open·         Rock Ledge Ranch- open·         America the Beautiful Park- open·         Red Rock Canyon Open Space-open·         Garden of the Gods – open (Foothills Trail, north of Gateway Rd is closed)·         Seven Falls- closed