Heavy Rains Help Ease Drought

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Recent flood waters have left behind plenty of damage, but there is one silver lining. Rains recharged the soil, which the 2012 drought left bone dry. KUNC’s Luke Runyon has more…

While there are still pockets of dry areas in the state, the drought has been almost completely wiped out in the foothills and northeastern plains of Colorado. State climatologist Nolan Doesken says these types of weather extremes happen. Colorado may have been drenched in rain, but Doesken says that can change in a matter of months.

There’s now this concern that maybe we’re going to see more big rains and more flooding, but the reality is, that weather events happen and then we revert back to our regular seasonal cycles.

And in Colorado, trying to predict those regular cycles is close to impossible. Doesken says most weather models fall apart when they try to predict anything more than two weeks away.

The latest from the US Drought Monitor shows the heaviest drought conditions still persisting in southeastern Colorado, including Otero, Crowley and Bent Counties.