CDOT discusses new plans for fixing I-70 through Denver

Photo/Courtesy of CDOT
<p>A rendering of the proposed I-70 East project</p>
Fixing I-70 (1)
A rendering of the proposed I-70 East project

CDOT would rebuild the interstate below grade and cover some of it with a park.

That would help reconnect the working-class neighborhoods torn apart when the highway was built in the early 1960s.

CDOT is working out the details of what it calls the I-70 East Plan.

Construction of the $1.8 billion project could begin in 2016. Meanwhile, a small but determined group of activists is fighting the plan.

They say a better idea would be to reroute I-70 to the north, connecting it to I-270 and I-76.

The elevated section of I-70 would be torn down and turned into a boulevard.

Ryan Warner talks to CDOT's Kirk Webb, program manager for the I-70 East project, and architect Dean Foreman, who's with the group Unite North Metro Denver.