High Speed Rail Meetings in Pueblo, Colorado Springs

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Residents of Pueblo and Colorado Springs get to weigh in on a high speed rail study that looks at transportation from Pueblo to Fort Collins via the Denver International Airport.  KRCC’s Martha Perez-Sanz has more.

The study looked at existing high speed rail technologies and various impacts and feasibility issues. It comes from the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Division of Transit and Rail.

Program Manager David Krutsinger says the region needs to seriously examine transportation possibilities, as most Front Range cities will eventually run out of space to expand highways.

"And at that point, when you reach that point, its almost too late then," Krustinger said. "You’ve also run out of right-of-way to do something else. So it’s incumbent and it’s important for all of us to think far enough ahead that we make decisions that will take us far far into the future- serve our children and our grandchildren."

The public meetings run from 5 to 7 pm Wednesday and Thursday and will present findings of the study as well as recommendations.

Tonight's meeting is at the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments, and Thursday’s will be held at the Pueblo Convention Center.