Impacts of Winter Weather on I-25 Construction

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CDOT’s I-25 expansion project is working to add a 3rd lane in each direction between Colorado Springs and Monument by the end of the year.  As KRCC’s Maggie Spencer reports, the recent winter weather is slowing progress.

The department planned to complete construction on the section between Woodmen Road and Interquest Parkway by Thanksgiving. CDOT spokesman Bob Wilson says much of the necessary work to do so is not possible during wet and cold conditions.

We’ve had to cut back on construction for one," Wilson said.  "In addition then, we haven’t been able to do any of the striping work that would come after any of the construction that we have, so it does cut back on days when we can get out there and work; they can do some work sometimes but in other instances, but we can’t interrupt any kind of maintenance operations which are in full force during snow storm."

Wilson says completion of the new lanes in each direction is unlikely this week, but crews look to have at least one new lane open by Thursday.