Map: Retail marijuana shop locations for Jan. 1

(Photo: CPR/Ben Markus)

Map created by Ben Markus using data supplied by Colorado NORML

Colorado ushers in the first regulated sales of marijuana for recreational use on Jan. 1, but delays, moratoriums and bans will mean that not every city will have a pot shop.

Only about three dozen of the state's more than 500 medical dispensaries will be allowed to open for recreational sales on New Year's Day 2014.

In Denver, for instance, paperwork delays and public hearings will keep all but a dozen medical dispensaries from converting to recreational sales on January 1. Other locations, like Colorado Springs and Douglas County, have banned recreational marijuana altogether.

Only medical dispensaries are allowed to convert in the first year.

State regulators have licensed 136 recreational marijuana shops, but, much like liquor stores, pot shops must also secure approval to operate from local government agencies.