Hickenlooper tells lawmakers Colorado economy growing stronger

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(Photo: CPR/Megan Verlee)
<p dir="ltr">Gov. John Hickenlooper at the 2014 State of the State address.</p>
u0026lt;pu0026gt;Gov. John Hickenlooper makes opening remarks to a joint session of the Colorado Legislature during the 2014 State of the State address.u0026lt;/pu0026gt;rn
u0026lt;pu0026gt;u0026quot;We know there are people out there feeling the impact of the national economyu0026rsquo;s downturns,u0026quot; Hickenlooper said. u0026nbsp;u0026quot;And we are doing everything within our power to change that.u0026quot;u0026lt;/pu0026gt;rn

"The governor took credit for things that may or may not have just naturally occurred in the economy," Brophy said. "He failed to take responsibility for participating in the division down here last year that I think was as bad or worse than what we see in Washington DC."

But many of the Republicans who aren’t running for governor seemed more receptive to Hickenlooper’s address. Senate minority leader Bill Cadman was happy to hear Hickenlooper’s commitment to increasing the state’s rainy day fund, and his desire put more money into higher education.

"A lot of the things that he said were things that we’ve been promoting for quite a while, so obviously we’re thrilled," Cadman said.