Partisan sniping over guns returns to divided state Senate

Photo: Gun ammo (iStock)

Senate Minority Leader Republican Bill Cadman is accusing Democrats of undermining bipartisanship by trying to delay for months a bill to repeal gun background checks, a measure the Democratic majority passed last year.

"This is inexcusable on its face," Cadman said. "In light of that opening day remarks, that is pure hypocrisy."

Senate President Morgan Carroll on opening day said the two sides should work together to solve problems.

But in response to Cadman’s remarks, Carroll said fellow Democrats are following proper Senate rules.

"We're going to stay within the rules," Carroll said. "We're going to give every bill a hearing. We're going to work with every member of either party to solve problems. We've already been doing that."

Anger from conservatives over new gun laws fueled the recall of a pair of a lawmakers last fall, leaving Democrats with a one-vote Senate majority.

And Republicans have promised to do what they can to get those laws repealed.