Radio Dances: ‘Heaven and Earth’ by David Sharp & Jeannine Goode-Allen

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Photo: 'Heaven & Earth' by David Sharp & Jeannine Goode-Allen
David Sharp and Jeannine Goode-Allen

Artist Statement:

Our dance is called “Heaven and Earth.” It is about what it feels like when you are grounded and can fly at the same time. Listen to how the dance begins with the steady beat of the Earth. Feel Heaven’s soaring rhythms as they connect with the Earth’s solidity. Experience the union of Heaven and Earth in the final seconds of the dance. “Heaven and Earth” allows the listener and dancer to move up and out into the world with power and joy.

We are inspired by the use of sound and movement to elevate and enlighten, and we host a monthly gathering in our Boulder studio called “Tap Into Transformation.”

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