Radio Dances: ‘wait stop want another chance stop please reply’ by Skye Hughes and Lauren Samblanet

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Photo: 'Wait Stop' by Skye Hughes
Skye Hughes and Lauren Samblanet

Artist Statement

We thought about place first, because dance cannot exist separately from the place where it happens. How then to think of place, in terms of sound? Distance, location - how can these elements be identified through sound and how can they be used to convey movement, or a dance, as an event in a particular place? Our investigation began with these kinds of questions. Can we evoke the place clearly enough that the listener will vividly know where we are? Can we give them a distinct visual landscape? And can we establish where the dancers are in relation to the listener? Are they close or far? Moving toward or away? Moving quickly or slowly? We developed the piece using these as our central questions and elements to inspire meaning.

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