Sen. Udall calls for CIA Director to go

Photo: US Sen. Mark UdallThe Constitution lays it out plainly: The Executive Branch is forbidden from interfering with the Legislative Branch.

But Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) and other senators on the Intelligence Committee are accusing the Central Intelligence Agency of spying on Senate computers. Udall says it’s time for CIA Director John Brennan to go.

"And unless Director Brennan fully engages in the Intelligence Committee's request and works with us so that we can perform our oversight duties, I don't know how he can continue to serve as the CIA director," Udall said.

Udall also accuses the agency of thwarting Congress’ investigations into alleged illegal detentions under the Bush Administration.

"The CIA has rejected the oversight role of the Intelligence Committee and that's just not acceptable," Udall added. "And to take it a step further, the CIA spied on the Intelligence Committee by accessing their computers without permission."

Brennan denies the CIA did anything wrong, and for now the White House is standing behind him.