Section of Arkansas River Restricted Due to High Waters, Strong Currents

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Credit Colorado Parks and Wildlife

A two-mile stretch of the Arkansas River near Salida continues to remain restricted due to dangerous conditions. KRCC’s Tucker Hampson reports.

Recent high waters and a new diversion structure in the river have raised safety concerns near Silver Bullet Boat Chute near Johnson Village. The diversion structure is creating unusually strong currents, and the reentry point on the portage trail that’s used to allow boaters to go around the chute is currently impassable due to high water levels. The area is restricted to only whitewater kayaks and canoes.

A statement from Colorado Parks and Wildlife says members of the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area will wait for the water level to go down before coordinating repairs to the portage trail.

They plan to implement changes to help prevent similar restrictions from happening again.

From the press release: 

Those who choose to boat this section of the river must have a Type I, Type III, or Type V Coast Guard approved personal floatation device and AHRA staff also recommends the use of a whitewater designed helmet.