Colorado’s marijuana regulators mull testing edibles

Photo: Colorado flag marijuana (iStock)Colorado marijuana regulators looking to tighten the rules for edible marijuana products are pondering scaled testing regimes for strong edibles and weaker ones.

Regulators unveiled the plan Wednesday at a meeting with industry representatives and scientists on refining Colorado's rules on testing and labeling foods and drinks infused with pot. The work group was assembled in April to address complaints that consumers are confused by pot-infused treats such as candies and cookies.

State regulators proposed quarterly testing for products with less than 10 milligrams of marijuana's psychoactive chemical.

An industry representative estimated that 8 million to 12 million servings of edible marijuana have been sold in Colorado since January. But the popularity of marijuana-infused cookies and sodas has raised concerns about overconsumption and accidental ingestion by kids.

The new law on edibles calls for state regulators to look at what rules should be in place to make marijuana edibles clearly identifiable and possible changes to dosing. Rules are due by January 2016.

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