Rabid Bat Found in El Paso County

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Health officials are reporting the first rabid bat of the season in El Paso County. As KRCC’s Dana Cronin reports, rabies is also showing up in surrounding areas. 

Three children discovered the bat in Southwest Colorado Springs, and two were recommended for rabies post exposure treatment.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says as of early last month, 24 wild animals across the state have tested positive for the disease this year. Three were found in surrounding Pueblo and Elbert counties.

Last year, nine cases of rabies were reported in El Paso County in bats, foxes, and skunks, but the majority of cases were in northern Colorado.

Rabies can spread from wild animals to humans or pets through bites or scratches. Health officials say rabid animals can be identified by aggressive or violent behavior and sometimes by difficulty walking.

The State Health Department says rabid animals were known or suspected of exposing 53 people in Colorado to the disease last year.