Rainfall Numbers Help Ease Drought in Southern Colorado

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Current drought conditions in Colorado through July 15, 2014.
Credit David Miskus / NOAA/NWS/NCEP/CPC
Current drought conditions in Colorado through July 15, 2014.

Rainfall in Southern Colorado has been noticeably high for the past few days. But, as KRCC’s Dana Cronin reports, the rain is actually following a pattern more typical of this region.

In the past week, parts of El Paso County may have received as much as six inches of rain. Yesterday’s moisture accounted for about half that. 

The National Weather Service in Pueblo says Southern Colorado is experiencing a fairly typical monsoon season, which the region hasn’t seen in the past decade or so.

Lead forecaster Larry Walrod says dry summers and drought have become more common of late and that the recent surge in rainfall is helping. 

“It is easing the short term effects of the drought," Walrod said. "And it’s also slowly healing the long-term drought. We need more of this to fully heal from the long-term hydrologic drought. But it is putting a dent in it definitely.”

Walrod predicts the next week or so to be drier, with more rain coming thereafter. He says if the current monsoon conditions continue, winter months could also see decent snow pack in the mountains and a more normal amount of precipitation in the plains.