Radio Dances: ‘Paper Thoughts’ by Life/Art Dance Ensemble

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(Photo: Courtesy of Adam Riggs at AR Pictures)
<p>Life/Art Dance Ensemble performs its radio dance, “Paper Thoughts,” for the CPR airwaves.</p>

Photo: Life/Art Dance“Paper Thoughts” is choreographed by Jessica Riggs, director of Denver-based contemporary performance troupe Life/Art Dance Ensemble, and members of the dance company. The music, which is untitled, is composed and performed by cellist Adam Riggs.

The radio dance is inspired by the dance company’s current production, “Error Message,” which explores new media and its effects on human interactions. Audiences can see "Error Message" on Aug. 30 at Crossroads Theater in Denver.

Artist Statement

Generating movement and sound based on selected works from our upcoming production, "Error Message," this piece muses on the inner workings of a dancer's mind while she moves through choreography. Her interactions with props, other dancers, the audience and her own breath frequently motivate and mobilize her action as she navigates the ever-changing topography of each performance.

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