Rocky Mountain National Park’s visitor numbers rebounding

<p>(Courtesy of NPS)</p>
<p>A view of Sheep Lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park.</p>

Photo: Longs Peak Rocky Mountain National ParkRocky Mountain National Park has bounced back from a drop in attendance last fall.

The park in northern Colorado was affected by flooding last September and by October’s federal government shutdown.

Spokeswoman Kyle Patterson says visits so far this year are down slightly from last year’s record pace through August, but they are on par with previous years.

"We’ve rebounded pretty darn quickly when you think about the significance of what happened in our world last September," she says.

Patterson adds the flooding and shutdown caused some people to make it a point to get to the park this year.

"You know when something like that happens, we heard from visitors that it makes you sometime sit back and say 'Wow I maybe haven’t appreciated it enough so I am going to get back their next summer,' " she said.

About 3 million people visit Rocky Mountain National Park every year.

Its peak season runs from Memorial Day through the end of October, but the number of visitors is growing fastest in the fall and winter.