Commission, Statehouse Candidates Debate at Citizens Project Voter Forum

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The Citizens Project held a General Election voter forum Tuesday night, featuring the race for El Paso County Commissioner District 5, as well as state legislative races for House District 17, House District 18, and Senate District 11.  Other candidates for office were also invited to speak at the forum.

You can listen to the full forum here (about 2 hrs), or see below for an audio breakdown of each of the forum segments.  You can also view the nonpartisan voter guide released by the Citizens Project here

El Paso County Commission, District 5:

Peggy Littleton (incumbent) - RepublicanJariah Walker - Democrat 


House District 17:

Tony Exum, Sr. (incumbent) - DemocratSusan Quilleash Nelson - LibertarianKit Roupe - Republican 


House District 18:

Pete Lee (incumbent) - DemocratMichael Schlierf - Republican 


Senate District 11: 

Bernie Herpin (incumbent) - RepublicanMichael Merrifield - DemocratNorman Dawson - Libertarian 


Other speakers (races were not featured, but candidates were invited to speak. These are the candidates who appeared): 

Darryl Glenn, County Commission District 1 (incumbent) - RepublicanLois Fornander, House District 15 - DemocratRyan Macoubrie, House District 16 - DemocratGlenn Carlson, House District 14 - DemocratIrv Halter, U. S. House of Representatives, District 5 - Democrat